Please Pray Tomorrow!

I wanted to ask all of you who prayed and supported me so beautifully to pray for another surgery that is taking place tomorrow at Northwestern. A woman contacted me shortly after our surgery in February. She had googled liver donation and my little blog somehow came up! Her father needed a liver and the children were all being screened. Well, one of them is donating to her father tomorrow. She emailed to let me know and ask for advice. Thinking about those first few days post surgery and what I wish I would have known and done brought those memories flooding back.

I remember the nausea, pain, fear, and utter and complete exhaustion. But mostly I remember peace. And such gratitude.

Pray with me that this father and daughter would feel peace and gratitude tomorrow. And that the surgery would go beautifully for both of them.

Love to you all, Sonya


5 thoughts on “Please Pray Tomorrow!

  1. How interesting that your ministry continues in this matter. I will certainly pray for this family. It is traumatic, while also quite wonderful that such things are possible. Thanks for sharing the need with us.

  2. Wow, Sonya. . . isn’t it amazing how God is continuing to honor your sacrifice? I was thinking the other day about you and Gay–those days surrounding the surgery were so scary, but so inspiring. I am so glad that you were able to support this family. I pray that both surgeries tomorrow are wildly successful and that this family will experience God’s peace just as you did.

  3. We’ll pray. Please let us know if you hear news of this father and daughter after the surgery.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pray for them.

  4. If I may….

    Our Father in Heaven, Creator and Master of the Universe. You have made us wonderfully and fearfully. You know us inside and out. Great is Your name and worthy of all praise.

    We seek Your blessing on this family, undergoing two procedures tomorrow. Bless the hands of those performing the surgeries and providing care before, during, and after the procedures. Be a blessing upon all involved. Provide courage and comfort. Use the skill and training of those professionals to advance Your will.

    We give this family into Your care.

    We give the medical teams and caregivers into Your care.

    Your will be done in all things. In the name of Christ, amen.

  5. As Rick shared on Sunday, it is a mirror of the lifegiving we receive in Christ. Praying for this family to have that sense of God’s great lifegiving love and secured future in Christ.

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