Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

We love pictures. We love pictures of our babies, our great events, and every day life. As mothers we sometimes want to freeze time and yet we are excited for the next steps in our childrens’ lives. But pictures help us remember.

When it came time to have Meagan’s senior pictures done I wanted to do it right. See, we never really got senior pictures for Andrew. And we haven’t had a decent family picture taken since Mark has been out of diapers. It’s pitiful. I know. We snap a Christmas pic every year, but they’re not stunning. They rarely really capture the kids’ characteristic expressions. I wanted to do this right.

A couple of years ago we saw amazing pictures of a friend and neighbor’s children. OK, not just any old friend and neighbor. It was JD Greear of Summit Church. We asked him who the photographer was and he told us about Kimberly Naranjo.

Embarrassingly, it took us two years to actually schedule a session. But we did and included family pics, some belated pictures of Andrew, and a nice shoot, complete with wardrobe changes, for Meagan. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the pictures. Here are some of our favorites. I could go on and on. And yes, our Christmas Card pic and the banner pic for this blog is one of hers too.

Check out Kimberly’s site here. I highly highly recommend her for any of you that live in North Carolina! The photo session was relaxed and even the boys survived it with minimal grumbling!  Indulge me while I show you my sweet family. I am thankful to God for these incredible people that God has given me to love and take care of. And I am thankful to Kimberly for capturing them in all their preciousness.


5 thoughts on “Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

  1. Sonya.. these were awesome… LOVED the black and white pics.. thanks for sharing .. I will put this info in my file to have… GLAD and JOYFUL you are recovering nicely… and Gay also.. prayers continuing…… love, carmen

  2. Love catching up with you through your blog…too bad we live only 15 miles from each other and this is how we stay in touch. 🙂 Your family is beautiful…as are you. Hope you’re feeling better. Meagan’s pics are perfect – she’s such a pretty girl – you must be so proud. Love you and glad you’re feeling better and better.

  3. Oh My!!! Megan looks gorgeous and so grown up. I know you were saying how big she is will make me feel old and you were right!!! I look forward to seeing you all out in CO.

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