Camp Recovery

Scott sent Suzanne the following text this morning:

Good morning Camp Recovery. Conditions are green for evac in t-minus 6 hours. We value your missions success!

Scott will pick us up this afternoon to take me to the airport. They will make sure my bags are checked and I get to my gate ok. I can’t lift anything more than 10 pounds so lifting suitcases are out of the question.

Camp Recovery has been good. I will be sad to leave Suzanne and Gay and Roger. The Residence Inn has been an great place to recover because I have absolutely no responsibilities except to eat, sleep, and well…recover. I admit I will miss a deluxe breakfast laid out every morning, maid service every day, and Suzanne anticipating my every need. The nurse warned me yesterday about that. She said mothers especially tend to start feeling a little better and then the next thing they know they are hauling laundry baskets around and they develop a hernia. Or they do a little too much and end up exhausted and sore in bed the next day.  I would like to say that I would never do such a thing but I admit that sounds like something I would do.

Pray I can continue to recover well, follow doctor’s orders, and take it easy when I get home. I am so so excited to see Rick and the kids. It will be marvelous to sleep in my own bed and eat in my own kitchen.

Gay continues to get good reports. Her ultrasounds all show good blood flow to the liver which is great news. Her bloodwork continues to improve and she looks better every day. Here are some pics we took yesterday.

rick has some “shout outs” here

Love you All!



9 thoughts on “Camp Recovery

  1. Nothing over 10 pounds. NOT ONE THING. Okay, girlfriend, you’re going to have let us help! A hernia sounds like the kind of place you do NOT want to go.

    I think I would like Scott and Suzanne. A friend who took such good care of you is a jewel in my book. And a man who can use military parlance correctly is my kind of guy. 🙂

    Gay looks wonderful! That must make your heart swell!!

  2. Very clever of Scott to sound like you two are out there with Discovery in space. It probably has felt a bit like that. Please do remember not to lift anything heavy, and do continue to allow your body to recover by resting more than you feel you need to. At least I think that may be the way it works. I realize you’ll feel like resting a good bit. Maybe not those two hour naps any more, but who knows! I know there will be some happy hearts in NC tonight! We continue to pray and praise along with you. Our God is good and He created our amazing bodies!

  3. You both look beautiful!!! Praise God for a good recovery so far, and we are praying for your continued recovery every night.

    For a woman who covered 4 European countries in 10 days because they were all just “so close”, I would say definitely fight that urge to do too much!!! 🙂 Keep resting!!!

  4. Sonya and Rick,

    We so much appreciate each of your posts the past two weeks and are very thankful for the progress you and Gay are making. It will be quite a homecoming this evening! Thank you for serving God in this unique way. We’ll continue to pray for you guys.

  5. Hi Sonya,

    This is your cousin here. Haven’t corresponded with you in a long time but heard about your surgery from my Uncle Ed. Amazing to follow along with you on your journey via this blog (sent to me by cousin, Pam). Our bodies are quite remarkable, aren’t they? Not sure if you know that I am an RN at the University of Michigan Hospitals (in the surgical recovery area). We do a lot of transplants, including livers, but have yet to see a liver transplant from a living donor so it was quite interesting and fascinating to me to read about your experiences. So happy to hear that you are recovering so well and are able to go home. Please take it easy and take care of yourself. Thoughts and prayers are with you!!

    Love, Kit

  6. You two seriously look related–especially if one focuses on the mouth/nose area. Your liver should do well in her 🙂

  7. Hi Sonya. I left you a message on Rick’s blog, too. I have really enjoyed keeping up with your journey and praying for you and Gay. Your husband writes so honestly and beautifully. You are a very special lady. Thank you for giving Gay the gift of life. Like I said on Rick’s blog, I am a kidney and liver transplant patient as of 9.17.07. God has been and continues to be SO amazing. Again, thank you Sonya.

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