Two new posts from Rick

Check this out. And this.

Good night! ~Sonya


2 thoughts on “Two new posts from Rick

  1. Hi Sonya,

    I just wanted to cheer and shout when I read that you have been released and are going home today. What a huge ride you have been on and what a sacrifice. Who would have thought that after moving to Libertyville many years ago that it would lead to the most amazing gift that you gave to Gay. We rejoice with you all that everything has gone so smoothly and that you are well enough to fly home. God is good. Safe travels for you as you head home to your family.

  2. Your Dad and I are so relieved that you are home and in the loving care of your immediate family. If there are any needs, I will come–but I do have enough house work here to keep me busy–so we will definitely see you in May. We are so grateful to Suzanne for taking such lovely and loving care of you–well, the part minus some of your liver. Now she can concentrate on the other part of your liver! Continuing to pray for both Gay and you–hugs and prayers, mom.

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