Released and Some Randomness

We just returned from the Transplant Clinic and I am released to go home! Everything looked fine. They will follow up at one month and two months with bloodwork drawn in Durham and I will return to Northwestern for a three month checkup. I am so incredibly thankful for how well my recovery has gone. God has been gracious and as I said before I have felt your love and prayers every step of the way.

The visit was actually a little anti-climactic. Suzanne said they should have given me a tiara and some roses. I’ll settle for a flight home tomorrow! Here is a picture of me and the Nurse Coordinator who walked me through this whole thing from last October to now.

Today was our coldest walk to date. Let me just say that Chicago wind is FREEZING! Here are a few random observations about my time here.

1. I’m glad my packrat tendencies prevailed and I kept my warm down coat even though I never need it in NC

2.  The whole tucking-the-jeans-inside-tall-boots thing makes alot more sense in the snow.

3. It would be much more fun to stay in the city for two weeks if I felt good the whole time and could eat whatever I want. We are right down the street from the John Hancock Tower, Water Tower Place, and the Drake hotel. Primo real estate. But we did manage to have a little fun here and there anyway.

4. Suzanne is the most excellent nurse and companion that any liver-donation-recuperating girl could have. She had served me selflessly and taken great care of me.

5. Again, I am so thankful to God and to all of you. To Him be the glory. To you a great big THANK YOU!

So tonight we are planning a piece of Giordanos’ pizza as our last hurrah. I’m so glad I am finally to the point where I can have one!

Love to you all. For those in NC, see you soon! ~Sonya




7 thoughts on “Released and Some Randomness

  1. Thanks so much for taking the effort to let us “walk” through even a bit of this with you – when effort is probably the last thing you wanted to give. But we on the receiving end thoroughly appreciate our gift from you. We praise our precious Lord so much for His care of all of you. We are inspired by your experience and your faith. We rejoice with you and wish you continued healing and strength.

    Mary Frances and Joe Jones

  2. So excited for you! I know you cannot wait to be back in N.C.! I wanted to thank you for sharing with us a little bit of this journey you have been on! What a blessing it has been just to read your posts every day! I have to tell you you look absolutely beautiful in all your pictures! God’s love just shines through you! You may be lacking a bit of your liver, but I think God has obviously replaced it with so much more! I am praying that all of your recovery continues full speed ahead. What an amazing story you have shared with so many people! Thanks for letting us in on it and giving us the priviledge to pray for you! Safe travels on your trip home!
    Mandy (Anne N.’s sister)

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