Reality Check

Welllll….Today was a bit hard. I will spare you the details but I was sick, and let’s just say I no longer need prunes. I insisted that Suzanne could go exercise and I would be fine. I took a shower, and was throwing up when she came back. She may never leave me again.

Woops. I said I would spare you the details.

One other issue is that I have a red, swollen, painful lump on my wrist not far from where one of my IVs were. So we called the nurse coordinator and they will see us in clinic tomorrow morning. It’s probably an infection. I was concerned about  a blood clot but she assured me that it is not.

Meanwhile Gay spent all day at the clinic having blood tests, getting one drain out, receiving IV fluids. We just saw them and we are all wiped out.  No pictures today, but let me assure you that they wouldn’t be pretty!

Please pray that Gay can stay hydrated, that whatever is going on with my wrist would resolve and whatever is going on with my intenstines would resolve. And pray for a good night’s sleep for all of us.

Thank you Dear Friends!  ~Sonya


12 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. My Dear friend, i had what for me is a mild glutenesque attack Sunday. rough drive to accupuncture yesterday- ouch belly- pothole avoidance drive style- but she is doing it for celiac and one really big thing is heat internal and external so if you can get sips of hot tea and a heating pad it might help. Ginger teas is best for nausea. peppermint also good. Wish I could be there- you didn’t just cold cold turkey go off narc pain killers did you? they constipate so … y’know dropping them can kinda spring some GI action in there…. sorry been making Dx for J in ER from 5k miles (apparently gaining a reputation in “her” ER LOL ) so what is 1K , eh? Some habits hard to drop! Love you so much. duke is winning- gimme that beautiful smile now!

  2. Oh SOnya! This sounds like Max Mayer’s no good horrible day!
    I love you and hope you feel more like your self tomorrow and that antibiotics are on their way.

  3. You”re doing great. Just keep taking care of yourself and let others show there love by caring for you in whatever way the can. You have given a gift of youself that many have been touched by. Gay has been blessed… but so have we.

  4. just hurry back and let the world feel normal for you and all of us waiting for you to be safe and sound back in NC! prayers for all the healing that needs to happen honey!

  5. Sonya! Please know that you are loved and being prayed for….and, sadly, this is sort of normal from what I understand from other friends who have blogged about their abdominal surgeries–yuk! Praying extra hard tonight and tomorrow for you.


  6. Oh, don’t we hate these “slip backs”! Sonya, so sorry you are having these side effects.
    Another tip for nausea is to take liquid (even pediatric) motion sickness medicine (Dramamine) drop by drop over a half an hour. It gets absorbed into the blood system without making your stomach crabby. Praying for you, sweet sister. Much love.

  7. Hi Sonya,
    I’m praying for you and hope today was a better day! C’mon, ‘fess up, you’ve had trouble giving up the prunes… 🙂 Thanks for trusting Jesus like this – what an encouragement to me! Hang in there…

    Love, Christine

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