Day 7: Big Big Day

Suzanne and I were picked up by our dashing chauffer (her husband Scott and kids) and whisked off to Northwestern. Let’s just say that the wall of cold air that hit me at the front door of the hotel was a shock. We had stayed snug in the hotel until today and it’s a bit different looking out at the cold weather than walking out into it.

The doctor saw me and said I looked great. Incision looks great. Bloodwork looks great. We talked about pain management, diet, and hydrating. He said, in his charming accent, “Advance, Eat, Be Happy, Drink!” Then he quickly clarified that he was talking about drinking water. Oh, and he told me to eat prunes. Enough Said.

The happiest news was that they took my drain out. I now have nothing in or attached to my body that isn’t supposed to be there. I did a little happy dance. Really.

The plan was for me to take a taxi back to t he hotel to rest but I felt so good that I went to lunch with Scott, Suzanne, Tyler, Krista,  and Kyle instead. I exercised my new dietary freedom by ordering real food and eating about 1/8 of it. Progress. When we did get back to the hotel I sat down to look at email and maybe write a little and two hours later I woke up!!! Yes, it was a big day.

Gay is still at Northwestern but with really good news. They had been unable to clearly see one of the arteries in her liver to make sure blood was flowing properly. But the head of radiology at Northwestern rode in on his white horse and did a high def ultrasound and all arteries are flowing great!!! They are going to monitor her every day for hydration, blood pressure, and balancing medications. She will probably come back to the hotel tomorrow.

Rick is still blogging his thoughts as we process this as a family. You can catch his musings here. Love Love Love to all of you! ~Sonya

A few pics from the day….

Headed Into NorthwesternReal Food!!!!

Yes, I had to eat it.


14 thoughts on “Day 7: Big Big Day

  1. My dear grandfather (who was quite the cut-up) used to tell me: “Eat your prunes! They’ll grow hair on your chest!” Or the more popular option: “They’ll make your hair curly!” I did eat my prunes because I actually liked them, but alas–my hair is still straight as a board.

  2. You may have heard that the politically correct term for prunes now days is “dried plums.” I don’t know if it will make them taste any better, but I do think that dried plums sound better!

    Thanks for keeping us posted on your most amazing adventure!

  3. Hi Sonya,

    An acquaintance shared your and Gay’s amazing story with me tonight, and I just have to say-I am so touched! My mom is currently waiting for a liver transplant (she suffers from a disease called PSC), and we’re just starting to navigate the living donor process. Stories like this keep us going. You are an amazing person and friend, and I am so happy to hear that things are going well for you and Gay! I hope you don’t mind if we follow your journey through recovery? And Gay’s, too!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! I hope you’re feeling great, and recovering well! Your family must be so proud! Best of luck!

    • Kellie,
      Thanks so much for writing. If you guys have any questions I would love to talk to you or any potential donors. Where are you looking to do the transplant?
      I will be praying for you!

      • Hi Sonya,

        Wow! You replied! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that! I am so amazed bearing witness to this whole process! I hope you’re feeling okay! I love that you’re resting so much-that is so vital to recovery! 🙂 Keep at it!

        Thank you for offering to help with any questions! I will take you up on that a little down the road when you’re feeling better! My family and I are in Minnesota. My mom is working with the Mayo Clinic (in Rochester) right now, but we may move her to the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). We’re feeling led to do that, and like you’ve said, some things are bigger than us, so we’re going to go with that instinct. 🙂

        Thanks for the kindness and the inspiration! You’re in my thoughts!


  4. So happy to hear you’re doing so well! I feel so proud of you for doing this and for having such a beautiful liver. Maybe it’s because I’ve been your friend so long…kind of like, “See, I knew she was a wonderful person!”

  5. A prune is the only food–and I use that term loosely–that I have ever been unable to swallow. Mom told me to eat them to “help” the first time I was pregnant (you know), but I absolutely had to spit the only one that ever crossed my lips out…

    You look amazing, Sonya. Continuing to pray for you and Gay and your family, and looking forward to seeing you at a soccer game soon!

  6. Sonya, I am so glad to hear of your good recovery. We tell our patients that things slow down during surgery and pain medicines have a definite effect, so prunes or something else!

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