Day 6: Up and At ‘Em and a Bump in the Road

Vast improvements on my part here. I still have shockingly little appetite, but that apparently is to be expected. I’m taking only tylenol during the day and the stronger stuff at night. I showered today (Ahhh!) and dried my hair. And then took a two hour nap 🙂

Suzanne and I have been walking the halls. The beautiful days of Thursday and Friday in Chicago melted into cold rain and nastiness. We have stayed in, but had a few adventures in the hotel. I went down for breakfast and then went down again when sweet friend Julie Rich brought us groceries and other comforts of home.

Meanwhile Gay has had a little bump in the road. You can read more details here, but the summary is that her meds are all producing various side effects and last night she went back to the hospital with dehydration and high blood pressure. Ironically, liver failure makes your blood pressure go low, so now that she is no longer in liver failure that may be an issue. She’s on prednisone, which exacerbates that. They are keeping her tonight to regulate her and monitor her. We all are relieved that she’s where she needs to be. They scanned her (my? our?) liver and it is functioning well, so none of this has been caused by any liver problems.

Yesterday we joked that we should name the liver portion that went from me to her. My oh-so-creative suggestion was Oliver. But Gay wants a girl name. So I believe we have given birth to Olivia!

Do continue to pray for Gay and for me. I am improving every day. Still a little overwhlemed at the thought of leaving the hotel and going back to the hospital tomorrow. Seems I can just handle a little at a time. But we’ll make it just fine I am sure.

Here are a couple of pics of our day’s So So Exciting activitiy! Love you! ~Sonya

One of my many battle wounds. I will spare you the rest!

Reading Your Sweet Comments and Emails!

No Makeup, But At Least We Showered!!


19 thoughts on “Day 6: Up and At ‘Em and a Bump in the Road

  1. Sonya. . .

    I love that you are doing this. Soooo neat. I have been praying for you and Gay, and I love reading your updates!

    You’re a good one!

  2. I have been so thankful for the news of your remarkable progress. God bless you for your unselfish gift to Gay. I trust you have felt God’s arms around you and pray that your remarkable recovery will continue in leaps and bounds and at lightening speed. I’m sure Suzanne is providing excellent care! God bless you.
    Sandy Faulkner

  3. Praying for you, girl! Don’t you worry about missing those spin classes. Sleep will benefit you for now. When you are ready there will be many of us who will whip you into shape one way or another! You’re gorgeous!
    Love and prayers,

  4. Sonya, mother of four–Andrew, Meagan, Mark, and Olivia!

    We love you so much. We’ll be praying for you to continue do better each day and for Gay to get over this bump in the road quickly. Thank you for posting–I hang on your every word!

  5. Still praying, Sonya!! So encouraged by your progress. Thank you SO much for keeping us all updated. Your/Gay’s story is so inspiring – such a picture of sacrificial love!

  6. Am most impressed of your ability to post so quickly after surgery…… I continue to be in complete awe of this whole process…….. what a witness of our Lord… you are my “earthly shero ” Faithfully praying…… Carmen…
    Great pics by the way !!!!!!!

  7. That Oliver/Olivia part made me laugh out loud. I needed that, thank you.

    Heck of a way to lose more weight Sonya… no eating for a week and getting rid of 2/3 of an organ. 🙂 You know I’m kidding.

    So thankful you have dear friends there to care for you.

    Still praying….

  8. Sonya,
    SO happy to hear that you are recovering so quickly and so well.I love Gay through you without having ever met her.I guess that is the way it is with being in His One body.
    I love the gift this blog is and pray you are both home soon and shining as usual.
    Love xoxo K.

  9. Sonya – Thanks to you and Rick for the updates. We realize there a re amny miles before you sleep so we will pray for you and Gay. Thanks for giving us a chance to trust God with you.

  10. Dear Sonya – one would NEVER know from these photos the ordeal you have just gone through in the last week. Thanks be to God for your faithfulness, sweet spirit and strong and healthy body! I’ve been praying and following Rick’s great posts.

    Thank you for sharing this journey. Continuing to pray and looking forward to seeing you home soon!!!

    Hugs to you,

  11. So glad to hear of your progress, Sonya. Will pray that you and Gay will continue to improve and for both of you to have a good day there!

  12. Sonya,
    We’re so glad you are improving day by day. Alan and I continue to pray for you and Gay. Your email (most recent) makes me smile 🙂 Olivia? Just think of all the compassion and empathy you will have now for someone who has had surgery (esp abdominal )!
    Sending love and prayers,
    Pam Bell

  13. Please replace the picture of you and Suzanne! It is very unflattering of both of you sweet girls. Bad angle. Suggest you find a bell boy to take a better one! How’s that for a mom’s advice? Suzanne, if I’m ever in Chicago again, I’ll bring you a bottle of apple juice. (Inside joke!)

  14. You are looking GREAT–isn’t is amazing at our age that the hair doesn’t go completely greaseball in one day? Enjoying your posts! Hugs from NC–Pam

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