day 5: sonya & gay

This is actually Sonya posting again. After a couple days offline not feeling quite so hot. I am much much better now. Iv’s are out, I’m at the Residence Inn. I had a smoothie from Panera for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ And I had a great night’s sleep.

Yesterday I shuffled down the hall to see Gay. She looks fantastic. She, believe it or not, is also out of the hospital, only a few hours behind me. Thought you would like some pictures from that visit.

A Fun Reunion

Thank you all for all your prayers, comments, emails, and other messages. I feel so loved and lifted up by all of you! ~Sonya



13 thoughts on “day 5: sonya & gay

  1. I have been faithfully following all of Rick’s posts and have prayed fervently for you and Gay. I am so happy to see these pictures of you two! Can’t wait to have you back in spin class, maybe that will seem easy after all you’ve been through ๐Ÿ™‚ Cathy

  2. Dear Sonya,
    You are totally the “bomb”- I love you and so appreciate your act of love, service, friendship, ….are our bodies and God’s grace not a feat together?

  3. I teared up in joy at the photos you have posted! We will continue praying for your recovery to be smooth and quick. Also, will pray for Gay to recover and her body adjusts to the new liver! Thank you Sonya for reminding us of the love that God wants us all to have for others. You have touched us all!

  4. Yay – Praise God! So wonderful that you are both out of the hospital. Praying for full and uneventful recovery for both of you brave women.

  5. Sonya, my dahling! What a studly woman you are!!!!! May God heal you so quickly that you don’t even know that you had surgery and get back to you life with your sweet family and hubby. Much love and prayers for you today… Marcia

  6. Dearest Sonya, You and yours have been constantly in our prayers. You have given great testimony to the unbelievable love of the Lord. Keep on resting in Him! (Hope to get some idea in a few days about additional helps on the care calendar. Right now we have meals only. )–Jan and David Hoyle

  7. Are you kidding me? You both look awesome! Even if neither of you had been through such trauma over the last five days, you both still look great.

    Praying your and Gay’s recovery time is both refreshing and right.

  8. You look great-your smile says so much! So glad the smoothie hit the spot…youre missing warm weather at home, so hurry back. We are praying for you!

  9. wow! I must go look at the before picture- i think there was one- but just seeing her color matching you instead of your clothing in that picture is mind blowing! And look at you bending over! Wow! Is all that at the residence inn?or when you were being discharged? God sure is good! We continue lifting you all up in prayers of praise and requesting ongoing blessings on you both for healing nad peace and strength and for your families too! Love, M

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