the great kiss

rick for sonya. They are discharging Sonya today to the nearby Residence Inn. They are happy with her hydration and strongly believe that the best way to heal is to get out of the hospital and roam the windy city. And sleep.

So they are playing with her meds to try to get something that minimizes the nausea, which is better today. She really needs to shake the “sleeps” that have zonked her from a medicine they gave her yesterday. She’ll be back in Monday for more tests and re-evaluation.

Given the care here, and the doctor’s enthusiasm with her progress, I’m going to fly home.

Late this morning Gay was walking the hall and dropped in on Sonya. Gay looks great. Her color in particular is much better, since her liver is now cleansing her body of various toxins. The room was a tad crowded — Eriko, our nurse, me and Sonya, Roger and Gay, and another couple who were visiting Gay.

Gay slowly navigated her way through the big door, towing her IV stand full of lines and monitors beside her. Sonya, who is still fairly groggy, greeted her with a big smile and held her hand out to touch Gay’s, who was now at her bedside. It was the first time they had been together since the surgery.

Gay kept pressing up to the bed rail and slowly, very slowly as one should with a stomach full of staples, leaned over and kissed Sonya’s head.

I looked over to my left and little Eriko was wiping tears from her eyes. And so was I.

It was a great kiss.

Not sure how I’ll do these updates from North Carolina. Not sure when Sonya will be able to type her own. I’ll see what I can do to keep everyone updated. Please keep praying! We so appreciate you.

I wrote a few comments on “the illusion of control,” they are here:


2 thoughts on “the great kiss

  1. Our God surely is a loving and caring God when He can reach out to just one solitary person who needs His help and work out all of these matters to such a great conclusion. He must have something special in store for Gay. Rick, you have done well at keeping the info flowing – thank you.

  2. Describing the great kiss brought tears to me too. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Praying for much progress to be made in recovery for both beautiful gals. Can’t wait to see Sonya back here!

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