day 4: jail break & tears

This afternoon Sonya felt well enough to take a final stroll down the glossy boulevard to see her friend Gay. And then they both made a break out of the hospital to the nearby Residence Inn. This is a huge promotion. It’s fairly staggering to think of the courage, pain and determination it took to graduate out of Northwestern Memorial. It’s frankly a miracle. So it’s with great love and admiration for you both that we say congratulations!

There are a few things we’ll miss about the neighborhood up on the 11th floor. All day long everyone asks you “What is your name? What is your birthday?” More people asked Sonya about her name and birthday in four days than in her lifetime. They’ll even ask for her name and birthday as she’s virtually comatose and about to throw up. It’s nice for people to care about your birthday like that.

I’ll miss the roaring Zamboni that keeps the glossy boulevards glossy and the nurses nimble-footed to save their lives, the way the halls instantly fill with people when the call is made for the “Rapid Response” team, and lots of people who genuinely care. Lots of them. We are so blessed to be cared for by them! And I’ll miss being in the same neighborhood with Roger and Gay. Doubt we’ll live that close together ever again.

I had a great trip back to Durham. Most of the day I’ve been teary-eyed, as the emotion of the week has crashed down on me.

I didn’t want to leave Sonya. There is definitely a strange affection that blossoms out of the soil of throw up pans, yellow-brown pitchers, and beds with call buttons. I would obviously prefer to be with her.

But perhaps more moving was the sense that we had finished one leg of a journey, and it was utterly awe-inspiring. From the drama of watching our loved ones roll out the door to the OR, to the sweet moment of Gay kissing Sonya’s head, it has not been for the faint of heart. It still isn’t. Even hugging folks to say goodbye was overwhelming.

It is very difficult to describe the ride, and it all began to hit me as I gathered up my bags to leave that great city. I even teared up landing at RDU.

I hope Sonya will be able to do the post for tomorrow. We’ll see. Please keep praying for full healing, ravenous eating, little pain, no nausea, and stellar test results. They both will get check ups on Monday. We so appreciate you!

I hope this ride has pointed you to God. Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “day 4: jail break & tears

  1. Sonya…So glad you’re out of the hospital! We’re looking forward to YOUR return to NC also. Our prayers for rest, rejuvenation and healing in these next few days. You are on our minds constantly. God Bless You!

  2. Oh, yes. This ride has pointed me to God. Every bit of it. Lots of tears for me; I can just imagine how it’s been for you. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to share the journey with us. We will keep praying, for sure.

    Love y’all. So much.

  3. Just found this via facebook – Sonya you are amazing. I’m thrilled to know you are not sick, just donating to a friend in need, and that is an incredible gift. I pray your recovery goes smoothly and you are soon reunited with your family.


  4. Dear Sonya – finally returned to spin yesterday after about a month off. Thinking of you and all you are going through kept me going! Prayers for your comfort and healing are being lifted. Can’t wait until you are back in that spin room too! xo

  5. Definitely a huge Road Sign pointing to God and trusting in him! Quite uncanny timing for us as the 3 ER trips for J started tuesday and went through Friday, and my aunt;s identical twin in Ill. being dx’d with liver and g.bladdder cancer the same day gay and sonya had their operations. Your posts and living love out loud have been so re-assuring and faith building. We keep praying many times a day for S&G and continue to do so !
    Love from ours to yours Marilyn

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