day 3: behind us

rick for sonya. sonya now sleeps soundly.  Only the laptop screen, and IV drip machines, illuminate her dark room. this is a fitting end to a disappointing day.

it’s not like we received bad news or that anything really went awry; for that we are grateful to the Lord. It’s simply that she has been nauseous all day. In the morning they weaned her off of all IV tubes, with the intent that she would leave the hospital today. But by mid-day they reconnected them to give her medicine through the IV.

Tonight she cruised around the glossy boulevards. Her walking is good and she gets in and out of bed without too much discomfort. But the nausea keeps her from getting much needed exercise. Interesting, two of her pregnancies involved a good bit of nausea.

So pray tomorrow is a new day and that she feels better, and eats better.

I am actually scheduled to fly out tomorrow afternoon. Obviously I do not want to do this if she isn’t doing well. Once she is discharged she will stay right by the hospital for the next 12 days, and report for various check ups. We have great local friends to stay with her and care for her, and the liver transplant team here, which is very committed to caring for the donors. I have no concerns there.

But I very much would like to see her feel better and take a few more laps on the glossy boulevards before I leave. So please pray that Friday is a good day. We’ll see how it goes and make a decision from there.

Gay keeps improving and they are even talking about possibly discharging her from the hospital tomorrow, too. She is incredible.

Thanks again for your friendship and support. It’s going to be a long journey. We love you!

If you’d like to read my thoughts on ambulances, you can read them at


The Scott family asked if I would pass along this note from them to all friends of the Hoves who might be following Sonya’s blog:

To the family, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ of Sonya, Rick, Andrew, Meagan and Mark,

The Scott family is thankful for each of you and your support of Sonya in this sacrificial gift of life that she has given to Gay.  Your support of Sonya and Rick during this time is so appreciated.  We believe that God is going to use this example of compassion, love, courage and sacrifice to further His Kingdom.  Our Pastor finished his sermon last Sunday with these words:  “This is how we know what love is and this is how people know we are the light of the world….….that Sonya Hove would give part of her Liver to Gay Scott”…….. Praise God!


6 thoughts on “day 3: behind us

  1. Hang in there Sonya. Our prayerful hope is that tomorrow finds you rested and renewed with extra doses of strength and stamina. Jesus loves you…and so do we.

  2. Rick & Sonya,
    I prayed for both of you today- healing for Sonya, wisdom for Rick about leaving decisions. I’v been following this powerful story- may many people come to know the Lord through such a great sacrifice!
    Love Julie (Peebles) Morgan

  3. Rick… will pray for specifics… As soon as I wake very morning before even getting out of bed God brings Sonya and Gay to my mind to pray for them .. the prayers continue through out the day… rest assured that there is an Army of Prayer Warriors for your Bride…. and for Gay

  4. Not sure I will ever see hospital hallways the same way ever again. “Glossy boulevards” is the perfect description.

    Nausea, yuck. Praying.

  5. Thank you so much, Rick. Wish we were still there to sit with and encourage you, too. We continue to pray throughout the day that God will be glorified, even in (especially in)nausea.

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