Day 2: Progress & Reality

Rick for sonya.  The highlight of Sonya’s day was being promoted out of the ICU.

But we’ve discovered that one of the disadvantages of this promotion is that when we pushed the “nurse call” button on the ICU floor some very nice person immediately vaporized to help. Very impressive.

But up here when you push the nurse’s call button eventually a nice voice will come over the intercom: “Can I help you?” Then you’ll tell them what you want and sometimes, especially when you’ve had a tube down your throat recently, you can’t speak loudly enough so they can understand you, so they’ll ask you to say it louder. After twisting 180 degrees to speak firmly at the speaker in the wall behind you eventually a very kind and helpful person will show up. Great people here, working hard to keep up with all sorts of people, for which we are thankful. It’s nothing like pumping your own gas.

This morning they removed Gay’s incubation tube. This provided a great deal of relief. But the best news was the ultrasound this morning. Through this machine they were able to “look” at the function of the 3 “tubes” that connect Sonya’s liver to her body; they all look great.  And her great achievement was that she got out of bed to sit up in a chair. Go, girl.

For all of the progress in the day there was also a reality check. When you mark highlights by “first pee,” “first walking attempt,” “less pain medicine than the hour before,” “yahoo – I had a sip of broth,” and “tomorrow, by jolly, I’m going to try a shower” you are reminded that this will be a journey, and a long one at that. When you get up after reading this email and head to another room, you are doing Olympic athlete sort of deeds compared to our beloved duo’s capacities.

But great progress has been made today, and we stand in awe at the miracle unfolding before us. Our hearts are filled with much gratitude at the end of day 2.

THANK YOU for caring, and embarking on this journey with us.

If you’d like to read my reflections on hospital “happy buttons” you can read them here:


8 thoughts on “Day 2: Progress & Reality

  1. Way to go Sonya! We are waiting for Rick to send us an iphone pic of you! I have a feeling that you must have hidden his phone.
    We have lots of prayer warriors down here praying up a storm for you and Gay.
    Sarah & Bob

  2. Your descriptions of the step by step process, the human feelings you weave in your comments, and your thanks to the Lord for each awesome answer to prayer has been and continues to be a blessing to take in. When you all share such details with all of us “outside the room” you are allowing us to share this journey with you in a close and sweet way. I so appreciate your writing style and for your method of making us aware of the specific prayers of thanksgiving and the prayer needs for today. Your families are a real testimony to so many.

    God bless you, and keep you in the palm of His healing hands.

    I Peter 5:7
    He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.

  3. So happy to hear you are progressing!! I remember what it was like when I had my liver surgery….hang in there!! Like the “reality check” description by Rick!! God bless you!!

  4. I love that your sense of humor has remained in tact Rick.

    So glad for the little/huge achievements for both of them.

    Have they seen each other yet???

  5. Cuz here’s how I’d picture the starting conversation….
    Sonya: Gay, how are you? Is my liver treating you well?

    I mean, there is NOTHING like this!

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