rick for sonya. Sonya rests in ICU. She smiled warmly when she saw me come in, and lightly squeezed my fingers. Then she commented on how much it hurt, especially to breath deeply. She squeezed her morphine drip and went back to sleep. She’s full of tubes yet beautiful as can be. As i sit here, watching her occasionally grimace in discomfort, I am reminded of much we need the God of healing and comfort to be her constant companion. Please pray towards that end. The next part of the journey will be no picnic.

They are presently attaching one of Gay’s three veins. She went in around 8am and they are saying it might be 6pm until they are finished. I believe there are 3 main tubes that need to be connected. Sonya’s surgery was simple: cut it out. Gay’s surgery is far more intricate: cut out the old and skillfully attach the new. When they release the clamps the goal is to see Sonya’s liver flush red with blood and life, and begin to pump bile. Long journey yet ahead for Gay. Pray for surgeons and her.

there have been about 600 visits to this site today alone. what a sign of how much people care for sonya. we love you. thanks for your support.


11 thoughts on “icu

  1. Rick…It was a pleasure reconnecting Sunday evening. Appreciate the updates/perspective you’ve shared today. Very thankful that Sonya’s surgery went well and will continue to pray for her along with Gay in the hours and days ahead.

  2. Rick and Sonya,
    We’re praying for you throughout this process. May the Great Physician and Healer bring you peace and physical comfort from pain. May He completely restore and heal Sonya’s body to full function again. May the Lord be your dwelling place as your wait in His shelter, may He be your refuge and your fortress as you trust in Him. May He cover each of you, especially Sonya, with His feathers and tuck you under His wing. May you know of and feel His presence, protection, provision, and great purpose as you do what He has called and equipped you to do.
    In His Strong Name, Jenifer and David

  3. We love you, Hoves. Such a beautiful thing God is doing through Sonya. Prayers for Gay and Sonya are going up from Chapel Hill! Much love, Taylor & Drew McFarland

  4. Dearest Sonya,
    We are praying for you to recover quickly and pain-free. What a wonderful witness you have been to us! May God be with you and bless you. We are also praying for Gay. For a success liver transplant and healthy recovery for her. Thank you for sharing this journey of God’s love with us!
    Your friends in Christ, Ruth and Rick Harper

  5. So good to hear all is going well. Please let Sonya know we are thinking of her often. Can’t wait to hear more progress reports of Sonya and Gay.

  6. Praying both Sonya and Gay will be infection free and their bodies will heal in the way God designed them to heal. Praying also Rick that you, your children and Gay’s family will be able to enter into God’s rest.

  7. Rick I just found out now that you and Sonya are in Chicago going through all this. I’m in the area – I live in Chicago and work at University of Chicago Hospitals just down the street. If you need meals or a place to stay or someone to interpret medical jargon or pretty much anything please send me an email and I’ll come right over.
    You guys are both so brave and strong to make such a gift to someone else.
    ~Laura Campbell
    (Duke Campus Crusade ’05)

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