All done

this is rick for sonya. Sonya went into surgery at 7:40am cst. She was totally upbeat, trying to comfort me :). It’s 12:20pm now. Dr. Baker just came in. They are all finished with Sonya and she is headed to the ICU. I should be able to see her around 1:15 or 1:30pm cst. They all commented on what a great liver she has. They took 60% of it. They are preparing to remove Gay’s old liver and connect Gay to Sonya’s liver. This is obviously a delicate procedure. If all goes well as soon as Sonya’s liver is connected to Gay it will begin pumping bile, cleansing her body of all of the toxins that have been in it for years. Gay could be in surgery a few more hours. Pretty amazing. Keep praying — still lots of concerns, including blot clots, healing, and for Gay to accept the new liver. we so appreciate you!

if you’d like to follow my reflections on all of this, you can go to


11 thoughts on “All done

  1. Rick…It was a pleasure reconnecting Sunday evening. Appreciate your updates/perspective today. Very thankful that Sonya’s surgery was successful and will continue to pray for her and Gay in the hours and days ahead.

  2. We are so grateful for Sonya and her heart to give life to someone else – it is a most unselfish act – such an example of servanthood modeled by Christ. We will keep praying for her and Gay’s speedy recovery and the Lord’s light to shine through to those around them who are in darkness.

  3. Sometimes doctors say the funniest things and have no idea that it is not normal conversation 😉 Love you all and the Peace you are bringing so many of us as we pray.
    Dr. m P.S. Our J ended up with pretty bad kidney infection in a ER on Oahu last night but your posting had really given me such peace that after I read it I did not cry or stress but was really able to pray in peace for Sonya and Gay and J (who had friends there communicating with me). Like I said before you bless people I ways you can’t ever foresee as y’all go forward as a living example of faith and unconditional love. M

  4. Hi Sonya,
    your letter just arrived in Germany! We pray for you that God will bless you for this donation and holds you in his powerful and loving arms, Many greetings!

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